My name is Alder Emmanuel Ibukunoluwa, i was born on the 17th April, 2003. I’m 18 years old and I was born and brought up in Lagos, I’ve never been to any other state only Ogun just to visit my Aunty.

I was born in Ajegule and we moved to Iba after 4 years. My favorite color is black, my hobbies are music and games. I attended Rolex comprehensive college.. I’m an introvert and a shy guy, a good person with a mature mindset.

Growing up, My dad was a big fan of music, he listens to Fela and Ebenezer mostly and those old school Yoruba songs. My dad is Yoruba and my mum is urhobo, I like their tradition sound and i vibe with it. Ajegunle was a whole vibe because i grow up in my mums family’s house then her brothers love music like R n B, Old school rap etc all those R Kelly stuff. So they usually play these songs with loud speakers in the morning and that’s what I usually wake up to then lol. My whole life was based on music

In school, I would always when to join anything that involves entertainment mostly singing, dancing, drumming. At home, there’s no song that would play on tv that I would not know the lyrics to, I’m might not know the musician but I would know the song from start to end.

I took music seriously when I started seeing young artists performing and I was like I can do this too. I get my inspiration from anything maybe somethings the way I feel or the way the beat hits me, but I just normally vibe with it and see way it takes me.

I don’t force music, I just flow with it!

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